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Monza F1 Paddock Pass Hospitality Area Italian Grand Prix

Monza F1 Hospitality Packages

This is the premium choice for VIP hospitality at the Italian Grand Prix.


With our Hospitality Packages options you can get close to the high speed action of the Italian Grand Prix.





The Box Vip hospitality Monza is located immediately after the start line with visibility a direct on the track.



Each box is structured as follows:


private grandstand covered marquee


underlying brick room consists of a room bar and toilets


rear garden, used as a catering area, covered marquee





Guests can watch the race from the tribune private, overlying the area hospitality.

The vision of the race and tests is favored by a large screen positioned on the other side of the track in front of the area.





Lounge area / service, and voice with hostess for the reception of guests / TV screens inside the Box Monza Vip to follow

the evolution of the event.



F1 Paddock Club Monza Benefits Include


Call for daily access to the VIP Box Monza with reserved seat at the table.

The catering service provides a Open Bar from 8.30 to 17.00 and a Buffet Lunch from 12.00 to 13:30.


Access to the tribune directly connected to the Box with visibility on the start straight.


1 car parking pass (every four guests).


Caps noise and brochure of the race.


With the minimum booking of 6 people, the table will be fully confidential and personalized with logo. In case of lower number table will be shared with other customers.


The logo customization will be prepared also pass on the invitation (With a minimum of 6 people).


We always have personal hosts present to ensure your whole weekend is exceptional.

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